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David Zapata and Norine Zapata

Wed Oct. 15th – Sat. Nov. 15th 2008   

Artists Reception and Third Friday Towles Court Artwalk

Friday, October 17th, 2008 6-10 pm

       This exhibition kicks off our 2008-2009 season and features two veteran artists of the Katharine Butler Gallery, David and Norine ZapataDavid Zapata’s art is a matter of recognizing and recording the fully formed composition.  Through his digital photography he captures and reveals the dance between form and light---the interplay of light and shadow in illuminated shapes and textures which suggest the more subtle essence. 

        Norine Zapata’s current series of acrylic on canvas landscape paintings “Calm and Storms” is an exploration of the dual sides of nature and our own natures.  We can never fully appreciate or understand the light without the dark or, conversely, the dark without the light.  In an ideal world we would experience both in equal balance.

Sonja Fraser and L. Susan Stark 

Wed Nov. 19th – Sat. Dec. 13th, 2008   

Artists Reception and Third Friday Towles Court Artwalk

Friday, November 21st, 2008 6-10 pm

        This exhibition features one of our newest gallery artists, jeweler Sonja Fraser, and veteran gallery artist, L. Susan Stark and her silk fabric artwork.   Sonja Fraser’s jewelry is a reflection of her love of travel, collecting and nature. The rusticity of nature, stones and shells on beaches and vintage jewelry are her current favorite sources of inspiration for her pieces. 

         L. Susan Stark believes that fabric is an integral part of our lives.  Her works are sensuous, they are practical, they give us comfort, and they make us smile.  The unique luster of silk fabrics and bold colors are well suited to her vision of nature-inspired designs and lend themselves to a rich media for wall hangings that have a three-dimensional character.


Ellen Kaiden and Sharyn Wolf 

Wed Dec. 17th – Sat Jan. 10th, 2009

Artists Reception and Third Friday Towles Court Artwalk

Friday, December 19th, 2008 6-10 pm 

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           This exhibition features two veteran gallery artists, watercolorist Ellen Kaiden and jeweler Sharyn Wolf.  Ellen Kaiden is drawn to watercolor as a medium because it is spontaneous and uncontrollable.  Her paintings are full of life and movement; they have an architectural but vitreous quality.  

            Sharyn Wolf’s childhood love of rock and bone turned into an adult curiosity in crafting these materials into a wearable art form.  An additional love of African art propelled her into the world of beads; how they were made, who made them, how they designated status, how they have been treasured through time.  

Presidential Inauguration Viewing Party

Tuesday Jan. 20th 11:30 - 3:30 pm

Light refreshments will be served

Ruth Dwyer and Tara Lynne Franco 

Wed Jan. 14th – Sat. Feb. 14th, 2009     

Artists Reception and Third Friday Towles Court Artwalk

Friday, January 16th, 2009 6-10 pm

           This exhibition features work by two outstanding Canadian artists, Tara Lynne Franco, who is new to the gallery and Ruth Dwyer, an acclaimed gallery veteran.

            In Ruth Dwyer’s own words her "inspiration comes from this beautiful blue planet on which we live, and which sustains us, is a place of astounding beauty…. Particularly exotic are the wilderness areas… remote corners of the world… the places without trees…the cabins and small buildings on rocky outcroppings…perhaps adjacent to large wild fields…or water…alone with the elements…where weather and surf and winds can be extreme." Her bold, colorful oil paintings unfailingly convey the mystery and beauty of her proclaimed passion for life and for her environment.

           For ceramicist Tara Lynne Franco, the ability of clay to become a permanent record of an idea, concept or feeling through its transformation and fusing in the kiln is what she finds to be the most intriguing aspect of her chosen medium of expression. Each piece is a unique composition of ceramic elements representing what can be found in nature and that which is man-made.  Her stunning work is a rare combination of fragility, strength, tactility and beauty.


  Katharine Butler Gallery

Promotional Video Viewing Party

Friday February 27th, 2009 6-8:30 pm

This special event will showcase our new promotional video provided by Comcast Best of the City and filmed by Silver Light.

The promotional video gives a brief overview of the Katharine Butler Gallery's fine points.  It also includes interviews with jewelry artist Sonja Fraser, pastel artist Ruth Höök Colby, and gallery director Chris Falk. Light refreshments will be served.

Charlie Barmonde and Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

Wed Feb. 18th – Sat. Mar. 14th, 2009   

Artists Reception and Third Friday Towles Court Artwalk

                      Friday,  February 20th, 2009 6-10 pm

           This exhibition features the work of ceramic artist Charlie Barmonde and Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, a Florida artist known for her rich and whimsical collages.  Barmonde’s pottery is predicated on skillfully presenting a range of complex forms within the tradition of functional ceramics.  The goal is for these vessels, despite their complexity, to be imbued with a calmness that seeks no conflict with the user, but rather settles the user.  Through mastery of sensual and functional proportion, skillfully articulated forms, and a spirit of honesty and personal connection he hopes to connect the user to his experience of creation and to the tradition out of which it grows.  

           Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson’s love of collage started with a scrap box of memoirs from her childhood (first haircut snip included) that her father passed down to her a few years ago.  Because stuffing such treasures into a box beneath her bed seemed very anticlimactic, she decided to find a way to incorporate these papers, notes and snippets into a figurative collage “painting”.  Her technique has evolved and changed as a result of experimentation with hand-painted, hand-made, and found papers, maps, magazines, Scrabble tiles and memorabilia. St. Hilaire Nelson draws inspiration from potential collage materials that she comes across in her daily life; chopstick wrappers, tea-bag tags and even her kids’ homework!

Howard Cowdrick

Wed Mar 18th - Sat Apr. 11th, 2009

 Artist Reception and Third Friday Towles Court Artwalk

Friday, March 20th, 2009 6-10 pm

         This exhibition features the work of mixed media abstract artist Howard Cowdrick.  Circles, squares and triangles, the building blocks of visual imagery, transform into globes, orbs, blocks, pyramids, cones and cylinders.  Over and above these elements are their spiritual connotations.  A circle, being without beginning or end, conjures up eternity.  A triangle containing in one shape the trinity or triumvirate.  A triangle as a cone or pyramid becomes a channel for energy, both physical and spiritual.  The square, with its four corners, represents the four corners of the earth, and as a cube it is the grounded stability we need and with which to build.   

          This series represents a manifestation of  quiet moments during a prayer, a meditation, or the twilight moment when one is falling asleep – that time when suddenly a hidden thought or emotion seems to be revealed.


4th Annual National Juried Competition & Exhibition

Wed Apr. 15th - Sat May 9th, 2009    

Artist Reception and Third Friday Towles Court Artwalk

Friday, April 17th, 2009 6-10 pm.


Roy Slade-Director Emeritus, Cranbrook Art Museum and

former director Corcoran Gallery of Art.

           This exhibition is the result of our 4th Annual National Juried Competition and features outstanding artwork by 54 artists representing a broad spectrum of contemporary work from all over the United States.  The 54 works on view include paintings, prints, photographs, watercolors and sculptures and indicate imaginative individuality. 

           In reviewing the entries, juror Roy Slade looked for competency, consistency and creativity.  His intent was to reflect the variety of individual aspirations evident in the submitted work.  The selected works, he hopes, present those diverse forms of expression, from abstraction to figuration.  250 artists from 36 states submitted work for this exhibition and work from 18 states will be represented in the final selection.   In the final selection, as well, are local Sarasota/Manatee County artists Susan Allen, Darren Bean, Michelle Berg-Uhrman, Joanna Coke, Peppi Elona, Donald Murphy, Toby Thompson, Adam Varga,  and Glorianne Wittes.  The juror Roy Slade is the Director Emeritus of the Cranbrook Art Museum and former director of the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

4th Annual National Juried Exhibition Artists

(1st Place) Nadine Meyers Saitlin Red Environment Boca Raton, FL

(2nd Place) Chris Hoyer The Essex Deli Lutz, FL

(Merit Award) Kurt Dyrhaug Plow the Field Beaumont, TX

(Merit Award) Marcus Howell The System Collapses Without Cruelty Springfield, MO

(Merit Award) Donald Murphy Little Red Car Bradenton, FL 

Fiona Reyna Intrusion Houston, TX

Jessica Heiner Ocean Breeze Provo, UT

Linda Dellandre Two of Them Sedona, AZ

Mark W. Forman Painting #250 Boca Raton, FL

Matt Barton One Selfish Perspective Austin, TX

Brandon Sanderson Excursion I Red Springs, NC

Marydorsey Wanless Renewal 4 Topeka, KS

John Vinklarek Eternal Return San Angelo, TX

Elaine Longtemps Trapped Brooklyn, NY

Eleanore Kerr Marsh Cloud Baton Rouge, LA

Sandra Gottlieb Winter Seascapes #4 New York, NY

Susan Allen Earth Totem Sarasota, FL

David Chang The Garden Princess Miramar, FL

Karla Hackenmiller Liminal Blitz Athens, OH

Susan Trees Pilgrim Lake Forest, IL

Brook Reynolds The Bodhi Tree Atlanta, GA

Peppi Elona Trees I Sarasota, FL

Glorianne Wittes Amour Bleu Sarasota, FL

M.M. Dupay Perpetual Regulation of Time Bowling Green, OH

Jon Gernon Dreamer Latham, NY

Toby Thompson 4 Fun Sarasota, FL

Daniel Lovely Jasmine Fort Myers, FL

Arthur Sekula White Cow Jacksonville, TX

D.B. Stovall Baltimore, MD March 2008 Rockville, MD

Peter Bigelow Piney 2 Tallahassee, FL

Gerlinde Hafner Caribbean Blues Rotonda West, FL

Cynthia Sering Side Street Port Charlotte, FL

Jessica Davis Pretty Apples Elk River, MN

Karin Snoots Sweet Ride Harbeson, DE

Bettinia Edwards Dress Forms Bonita Springs, FL

Christine Cote Lone Tree in Early Winter Brunswick, ME

John Viles Strut Baltimore, MD

Diana Frawley Shell Votive Santa Ana, CA

Jack King Horizontal Skewer: Saving Spilt Milk Tampa, FL

Jody Hewitt Listening Saugus, CA

Christine Dreyfus Mansion Steps Philadelphia, PA

James Smith Mazatlán Chicago, IL

Clare Murray Adams Home & School No. 4 Southington, OH

Cory Clifford Cabana Lounges St. Petersburg, FL

Sony Hartley Garden Vase Katy, TX

Jane Michalski Yellow Meets Blue Chicago, IL

Adam Varga Siesta Bridge Palms Sarasota, FL

Michelle Berg-Uhrman Waterbearer Bradenton, FL

Darren Bean Forever in Bloom Sarasota, FL

Daphne Dwyer Toward Brown’s Island Charlotte, NC

Barbara Stubbs Game Of Life Tampa, FL

Joanna Coke Used But Not Forgotten Nokomis, FL

Popo Flanigan Charlene’s Winning Orchid Naples, FL

Beate Marston My Familiar St. Petersburg, FL

Jeff Christerson, Ruth Höök Colby, and Joan Lyon

Wed May 13th – Sat June 13th, 2009

Artists Reception and Third Friday Towles Court Artwalk

Friday, May 15th, 2009 6-10 pm

This exhibition features the work of pastel artist Ruth Höök Colby, mixed media artist Joan Lyon, and colored pencil artist Jeff Christerson.  Nature is the ultimate inspiration for Ruth Höök Colby whether the rendering is realistic, impressionistic or abstract.  Her city series offers an entirely different ambiance; buildings replace mountains and streets replace rivers.  Joan Lyon’s images are symbolic, derived from personal experience, imagination and dreams. The rough, imperfect and scarred surfaces of her mixed- media monotypes metaphorically reveal the fragility of both the earth and all the life on it.  Jeff Christerson started drawing to recreate the views seen while traveling. The majority of his art is done from memory using pencil to detail color, texture, weather and, hopefully, the enjoyment of each scene. 

Summer Celebration

Wed June 17th – September, 2009

Artists Reception and Third Friday Towles Court Artwalk

Fridays June 19, July 17, Aug. 21st, and Sept. 18, 2009 6 – 9 pm

The Katharine Butler Gallery's Summer Celebration pulls together the highlights of the 2009 season with artwork by all 17 gallery artists.  Howard Cowdrick shows basic geometric forms embellished with his unique use of light, atmosphere and vivid color.  Ruth Dwyer’s abstract oil landscapes present a counterpoint to pastel artist Ruth Höök-Colby’s realistic look at nature.  Norine Zapata explores nature through her diamond canvas landscapes while her husband, David Zapata, reveals his magical point of view through his signature botanical photography.  Ellen Kaiden provides insight into her botanical world through watercolor.  Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson draws potential materials for her collages from items that she comes across in her daily life; chopstick wrappers, tea-bag tags and even her kids’ homework! Artist/owner Katharine Butler’s etchings and paintings refer to the sea, encouraging the viewer’s personal interpretation.  Other gallery favorites include fabric artist L. Susan Stark, mixed media artist Joan Lyon, sculptor Ronn Mattia, and potter Charlie Barmonde.  In addition, the gallery carries elegant glass art, ceramics and unique, hand-made jewelry by artist Sharyn Wolf, Sonja Fraser, and Kelly Frimel.  The gallery continues to offer its art rental and interior designer programs, as well as gift certificates.