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December 17th - January 10th, 2009

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Artist Statement


            Since we’ve walked upright, beads have made us beautiful.  My love of African art propelled me into a study of how the beads were made, who made them, how they designated status, that they were traded for almost everything, including slaves.  Wearing these beads is like wearing our history.  They reflect our ongoing connection to those who have gone before us, to the earth, to the ongoing nature of life.


             In the past year, I have been fortunate; two of my pieces appeared in “Vogue”, and Barney’s purchased 28 necklaces from my collection. In November, “Self” Magazine took 30 of my necklaces and bracelets to Bora Bora for a fashion shoot. Sadly, they didn’t take me.  

             My childhood love of rock and bone turned into an adult curiosity in creating these materials as a wearable art form.  Texture, volume, light, and history—fuel my addiction for searching out unusual beads and unusual stories about beads. From a friend on an island in Alaska with ancient walrus teeth to a South Dakota tribe who craft elegant buffalo bone to another tribe in the hills of Thailand who handcraft silver to my friend from the Ivory Coast, Bangally, who is an expert in the beads of his country -- these are my suppliers.

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Brass 'n Blue

Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Vintage African brass, recycled Ghana glass, Bali silver clasp

Price: $245

Myakka Mayhem

Subject: Jewelry

Medium: African Lariat with Kenya mudbone, Pre WWII Chinese military medal, white turquoise Buddhas, Bali silver

Price: $245



Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Ethiopian nickel center, Ghana glass vintage spacers, Bali silver clasp

Price: $215

Robin's Egg

Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Recycled Ghana Glass, Old African Brass, Bali silver clasp

Price: $130



Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Recycled Ghana Glass & Very Old African Bronze

Price: $245

Basketball Baby

Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Recycled Ghana Glass & Vintage Wood
Price: $110


Blue Moon

Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Recycled Ghana Glass, African Bronze & Vintage Beads
Price: $145


Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Recylced Ghana Glass, Chinese Wood w/ Symbols, African Bronze & Hand Cut Bauxite
Price: $135


Chestnuts Roasting

Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Recycled Ghana Glass & Vintage Beads
Price: $85

Ellington's Black n Blue

Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Very Old African Bronze, Recycled Ghana Glass Beads, Bali Silver Clasp & One Kenya Mud Bone Bead
Price: $250


Josephine Baker

Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Recycled Ghana Glass, Very Old African Bronze, Laboradorite & Nigerian Records
Price: $235


Subject: Jewelry

Medium: Recycled Ghana Glass & Nigerian Records
Price: $100